1. Garage Legends

    Who hasn't heard a great story about businesses or bands that started in a garage? It is the ultimate American success story to say you started out in a garage, working up to a household name. Names like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and even Harley Davidson started in the dank confines of the family garage. The garage is truly a magical place full of lore and history, one of the 20th century’s grea…Read More

  2. The Cars Your Garage Deserves

    When we spot a truly awesome garage door from the street, some of us tend to take notice. Of course being in the garage door business here in Long Beach, we tend to look a little harder at the door itself. We consider the materials, the craftsmanship, and even the hardware used on that garage door. We think that what makes a home great is the garage door. In fact, at G&G Garage Door we carry a…Read More

  3. My Garage Door Hits The Floor & Reverses

    Garages are a great place to park your car at night, and if you don’t have a shed built out back, it makes as a roomy storage unit for your Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations that you’re getting ready to pull out. With all of the benefits that you will receive with your garage door, you may have a few downfalls. In our previous post, we started a troubleshooting guide that you may find use…Read More

  4. Don’t Deal With Squealing, Screeching, & Grinding!

    Many people in the Torrance area rely on their garage doors to work no matter what. When people are stuck without garage doors who regularly rely on them, fear is in the forefront of their mind. Fear of a bad storm damaging their car, fear of burglary and many more fears are known to overtake us. If this sounds like you, then you need to know when to call for garage door services. We’ve been giv…Read More

  5. Openers Are Affordable & Convenient!

    Garage doors are a convenient place to store your vehicle and other items like your Christmas decorations. For many who live with garages, it’s highly recommended to have a garage door opener. Not only is it nice to feel secure when you know it can’t be opened by an intruder on the outside, but you can trust that those automatic sensors will help out when safety of your little ones is on your …Read More

  6. Openers Provide Safety!

    There’s nothing that’s more inconvenient than when your garage door opener goes missing. Who ever thought that that small button would be able to create a world of troubled annoyance to you. A garage door opener is definitely something that comes in handy, and you won’t realize how inconvenient it is to not have one until you’ve lost it, it becomes broken, or when you buy a house that does…Read More

  7. Storage Security and Limit Home Access to Thieves is Beneficial!

    There’s nothing like making your home the way you have always wanted it to be. If you are someone who loves working out in the yard and improving your home with random home improvements, it may be time to replace your garage door in Torrance! Garage doors are easy to replace if you call upon a garage door service specialist, like G&G Garage Doors, but why would you need to consider replacing…Read More

  8. Replace a Wall with a Vertical Door

    Garage doors can be installed in your home to make your living environment completely different. Seeing garage doors in an expected environment and viewing one with a different perspective may create ideas in your mind that you won’t be able to get out! Previously, we gave you some ideas on how you can improve your home by incorporating garage doors differently in your home. Here are some great …Read More

  9. Kitchens, Living Rooms, and Restaurant Style

    Are you someone who has always had a knack for trying something new? If so, then our previous blogs are for you! We recently gave you some ways that you can incorporate garage doors in your home in a whole new light. But what are some of the most popular ways you can do this? Garage Door Kitchens Make your cooking life much more interesting. With the help of a brand new garage door, you can enjoy …Read More

  10. Replacing Your Garage Doors Can Increase Your Home’s Value

    The benefits of professional garage door services can be a wise investment for homeowners. New garage doors can be a great way to improve your home’s curb appeal as well as save on energy costs. Upgrading to new garage doors with a vibrant color or unique design can dramatically improve the look of your home and ultimately its value. Investing in an outdoor replacement project sees an average of…Read More