1. Barn Finds and Holy Grail’s

    We all know that the garages can hide some freaky stuff. Garages are the ultimate hiding places for whatever residents wanted to keep from their neighbors. These could be: dead bodies, hidden nightclubs, illegal gambling operations, and much more illicit activities. Fortunately, most of us are upstanding citizens and would never engage in such scandalous behavior. We tend to keep the usual old jun…Read More

  2. Pros: Energy Efficient Doors

    Energy efficient garage doors are becoming a popular purchase these days, especially with global warming on the rise. But did you know that if you’re shopping for a garage door by its energy performance rating, it may not matter? Especially if you aren’t a homeowner that heats your garage. However, an energy efficient garage does come with a few great benefits, like keeping your garage well-in…Read More

  3. How To I Program My Genie Intellicode?

    Troubleshooting your garage door can be a pain if you don’t know where to start. Luckily, if you’ve been following our previous blog posts, you know that the garage door repair experts in Torrance have been giving you a troubleshooting guide to help resolve all of your garage door problems. So, what if you recently purchased a new Genie Intellicode or Chamberlain Security Plus system and you a…Read More

  4. Garage Door Troubleshooting

    Hopefully you’re a homeowner that has never had a problem with your garage door; however, it’s important to note that garage doors are finicky features on a home, and many of them succumb to problems that end up needing repairs. To help you out when you’re in a pinch, here's a quick troubleshooting guide that you may find helpful. My garage door won’t shut using my transmitter. I can only …Read More

  5. Does Your Garage Door Fall?

    Are you scared to drive your car into your own garage because of the way your garage door functions? Garage doors can have many things go wrong, many of which are easily repairable with a little tender loving care. If you’ve noticed that your garage door has started to show more signs of wear and tear than you’d like to admit, our previous blog posts are for you. However, if you’ve noticed t…Read More

  6. Most Common Garage Door Issues

    Many of us don’t think about our garage doors. Instead, we use them daily, opening and closing them when we leave for work, and then again when we arrive back home after the day is over. We all expect for our garage doors to simply work without a problem, but unfortunately there are problems out there that you just haven’t experienced yet. Garage door repair is our speciality at G&G Garage…Read More

  7. Increase Personal Safety & Contact your Insurance Provider

    Garages are never given the attention they deserve, which is why garage doors are one of the leading repairs on homes today. If you’re someone who’s been looking into replacing your garage door, know that there are many benefits to doing so. Previously we mentioned that garage doors can give you storage security, limit home access to thieves, and increase utility savings. Here are a couple mor…Read More

  8. Safe Storage is Key to Getting the Most Out of your Home!

    Garage doors can make or break your home. Although your home's appearance can improve if you decide to upgrade your garage door, it’s not the only benefit. Cooling and heating costs can be improved and your home’s value can increase when you install a new garage door. Whoever thought that, by just replacing your home’s garage door, your life could become more enjoyable! Here are more astound…Read More

  9. Common Garage Door Problems Continued…

    Garage doors are a part of nearly every home, which means there are many different problems that could eventually arise. If you’re someone who doesn’t really pay attention to your garage door until something is wrong, you may end up needing help from our garage door service experts in Torrance. We’ve already told you that a sticky garage door and a garage door that opens and closes unevenly …Read More