1. The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

    With all that is going on in Southern California this year, it will sure be nice to have a calm quiet holiday season. The best time of year. Picture a cool night by the fire, Die Hard on the TV (yes it is a Christmas movie), kids shooting each other with Nerf darts, and your dog begging for yet another walk around the block. Ahh yeah, that is living. Everything seems right with the world and then …Read More

  2. Three Facts About Garage Doors You Should Know

    Your garage doors serve a simple but important function — keeping your belongings safe while giving you easy access to the space. Most days, you probably don’t even consider your garage doors. You simply hop in your car, click open on your garage door remote, and leave the house without much thought to how they work and what happens if they break. Whether you have old garage doors in need of r…Read More

  3. The Benefits Of Premium Garage Doors

    When it comes to choosing the right garage doors for your home, there are a lot of variables to consider. From the budget you are working with to the style of your home, you want to ensure the doors you choose will operate smoothly and keep your belongings secure. If you are thinking about upgrading your garage doors, we are here to help. We provide high-quality installation of garage doors in Red…Read More

  4. Selling A Home? Think About A Garage Door Replacement

    Having a garage on your home is a valuable addition, as it provides you with extra space and a place to even park your car. When looking at the functionality of a garage, the options are endless. It can be a place to store your cars, bikes, extra storage space, or even a hangout spot. However, your garage door plays a big role in valuing your home, and the cost that this extra space offers to the …Read More

  5. G&G Garage Doors – Commercial Division

    Have you ever seen Die Hard? If not, stop everything you are doing and watch it right now. If you don't, you are truly missing out on one of the most significant cultural events of the 20th century. That’s right, John McLean finds out his ex wife, on Christmas no less, is being held in a highrise building by the guy from Harry Potter. Crazy stuff ensues, he blows stuff up and shoots people and g…Read More

  6. Hey Google, Find Me Garage Door Installation Companies in Long Beach

    Tis the season. That is what they say isn’t it? The throngs of shoppers out there risking their necks for the next big toy or the hottest new personal internet listening device. These listening devices go by various names and are manufactured by internet corporations to listen to what we are saying and recommend products to our web feeds. Now that is downright creepy. The worst part about this c…Read More

  7. Superior Steel Doors

    There is little that can compare to steel. Whether it be wheels, swords, boots, or garage doors the only material to choose if you want to offer the best possible protection is steel. At G&G Garage Door, we offer a wide range of steel garage doors, and adding a steel garage door is like putting a goalie mask on the front of your home. It looks awesome and has the added benefit of being strong.…Read More

  8. Give Your Home the Gift of a New Garage Door

    As we look forward to the 23rd and the massive feast that is Thanksgiving and whether you are having Chinese food on the couch or the traditional turkey with all of the accoutrements, it is bound to be an amazing day. Most of us do not have to work, traditional games of football are played in the park and the creeping disease that is Christmas music is just on the other side of Black Friday. Soon …Read More

  9. G&G Garage Door, Your Leader in Commercial Door Solutions

    If you own a business you probably understand that security is of the utmost importance. You probably also understand that in order to stay relevant that you must refer to any new product or system as a “solution”. A security system is called an “anti-theft solution”, a new copier can be referred to as a “duplication solution” and a new phone can be called a “customer communication s…Read More

  10. Reimagining Your Garage Space

    Previously we delved into creating a unique space within your garage. Not many areas of your home have the versatility that a garage does, as far as potential goes. The first detail that should be considered is the garage door. At G&G Garage Door, we believe that your garage door is the most important feature on the front of your home. Regardless of what is inside your garage, the garage door …Read More