1. Your Opener Won’t Work? Call G&G Garage Door

    You drive up to your garage and in a winter rain you hit the button. Nothing. Hit the button again and still nothing. If you have had this happen to you and know how frustrating it can be. At G&G Garage Door Company, we have the experience and parts to fix your garage door up right away. It may even be time for a new garage door, but chances are their is just a problem with the opener. Let us …Read More

  2. Understanding When Garage Door Repairs Are Urgent

    When certain items around your home are damaged, you may resort to procrastination before scheduling repairs. In the case of your faulty toaster, putting off repairs or replacement won’t cause many issues. However, there are certain items around the home that should be repaired right away. One such repair that might need to be handled in a faster manner is fixing your garage door. If you are in …Read More

  3. Five Reasons You Need A Professional For Garage Door Repair

    Whether your garage door has become increasingly loud or it has stopped working entirely if you are contemplating garage door repairs you have two routes you can take — repair it yourself or call in the pros. While adding a little oil to a small squeak might be a simple Do-It-Yourself project, there are a variety of cases where calling in a professional team is a must. As Long Beach garage door …Read More

  4. Top Tips For Choosing A Company For Garage Door Services

    When it comes to replacing your garage doors or even repairing existing ones, you want a garage door company you can count on for quality services. If you are on the hunt for garage door services in Long Beach or a surrounding location and you want a team you can trust, we encourage you to take the time to seek out only the best in the business. When it comes to choosing a company for your garage …Read More

  5. Great Accessories for Your Garage

    If your garage doubles as a storage space or tool shed, there are tons of great accessories to add to utilize its full potential. Garages serve as a great complement to any home, either enhancing its beauty, or adding much needed extra space. But, do you have everything in your garage that you could possibly use? In this blog post, we’re going to explore some great accessories you can get for yo…Read More

  6. Signs It’s Time to Call For Garage Door Repair

    No one wants to pay for repairs that aren't actually necessarily, whether it's to your kitchen dishwasher, your car, or your garage door. That's why so often our customers wait to call us for their garage door repair needs; they want to make sure the problem isn't going to resolve itself. While we understand wanting to save your money, all too often customers find that the longer they wait to get …Read More

  7. Keeping Your Garage Secure

    Garage doors may be an overlooked aspect of our house when it comes to security. Though we ensure that our windows and doors are locked, we may not be implementing the best practices when it comes to security in our garage. They are a common point of weakness for a variety of homes, and something that should be thought about when getting a new garage door or maintaining an old one. At G&G Gara…Read More

  8. Garage Door Issues? Better Call A Professional

    Being a homeowner has it’s inevitable ups and downs with the joy that comes from owning a home, as well as the problems that inevitably come along with it. Many things need routine maintenance or repair, but some may be pushed back as it isn’t urgent, or can be completed yourself - that is, when you actually have time for it. However, many intricate features of your home, such as your garage d…Read More

  9. Why It’s Time to Repair Your Garage Door Opener

    You may not realize it, but your garage door opener may need to be repaired. This piece of equipment is something you utilize almost everyday, as you come and go from your home. Regular service is necessary to ensure that your garage door is working efficiently. At G&G Garage Door, we are your Top Rated Local® garage door repair and maintenance company. By regularly maintaining your garage do…Read More

  10. Why DIY Garage Door Repairs Is A Bad Idea

    If you can save yourself a couple dollars by completing a repair on your own, why wouldn’t you? We entirely understand this thought process and while we would love to say that garage door repairs are one of the few repairs that you can do on your own, there are plenty of reasons that you should never take a garage door repair into your own hands. At G&G Garage Door Co., we provide you with t…Read More