Classic Wood Garage Doors Species and Materials

Choose from one of the six wood species and materials available. Garage doors made with Redwood offer a rich, red to pink color throughout the heartwood.  Suitable for painting and staining, the Western Red Cedar withstands nature’s elements making it a great choice in any climate. For a more affordable option choose Hemlock or, as an alternative to wood panels, Luan Plywood or MDF.

At G&G Garage Door, we believe that your garage door is the most important feature on the front of your home. Regardless of what is inside your garage, the garage door must convey the class and style of the outside of your home.

Our hardware is made from the finest materials for a long lasting wood door. The hardware we use, not only increases the aesthetics of the garage door itself but increases the safe operation of the door. G&G Garage Door knows when you utilize good quality hardware with superior construction you end up with a door that is unparalleled in the industry. Contact G&G Garage Door today for more information about our Classic Wood line of sectional doors.