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Garage Doors That Make a Statement

When it comes to having high-quality garage doors installed in Los Angeles County, thousands have come to trust G&G Garage Door. Through over 30 years of business, our timely services, quality products, and friendly installation and repair teams have made us the best in the business. 


When you are looking for the perfect garage door for your Los Angeles home, we can provide you with a long list of options. Our garage doors come from various manufacturers, and we are proud to offer wooden, steel, composite, and glass garage doors in a wide variety of styles.

Where Curb Appeal and Security Meet

Get better security for your home with garage door replacement in Redondo Beach


Certain older garage door models are very easy for burglars to infiltrate. Protecting your home and your belongings with a highly-secure insulated garage door can provide peace of mind.

Increase your home's aethetics with garage door replacement in Redondo Beach

Curb Appeal

You have the freedom to choose from a variety of garage door styles and material, all of which can complement other elements of your home’s exterior and improve curb appeal.

Get an efficient garage door with garage door replacement in Redondo Beach

Smooth Operation

When you pair a new garage door with a Liftmaster or Genie garage door opener, you can rest easy knowing that the door will continue to open smoothly for years to come.

Improve your home's value with garage door replacement in Redondo Beach

Home Value

Whether you are currently interested in selling your home or not, a new garage door can instantly improve your home’s value, and serves as a great return on investment.

Get insulated garage doors in Redondo Beach that help with temperature control

Cooling and Heating Costs

Insulated garage doors that we install can keep your garage door cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This can save on energy bills and also protect your vehicles.

Our Garage Door Installation Process

We take pride in the community where we live and work.

We strive to make the installation process hassle-free. 

Meet With Our Team

When you first contact us about a new garage door, our team will ask you several questions in order to provide you with a free estimate. From there, we will visit your site to take garage door dimensions and finalize pre-installation details

Ordering The Door and Installing

Once you have decided upon a garage door style that you like, we will order that specific model and bring it to your location. Our installation team will remove the existing garage door and assemble the new one on site, installing it directly into the track and inserting the rollers. 

Satisfaction Check

Our job is only complete when our customers are satisfied. Our team will tell you everything you need to know about your new garage door and/or opener, and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the installation!

Future Service

If you are having a new garage door opener installed, it is likely that it will not require maintenance for some time. However, when breakdowns or maintenance issues occur, simply give us a call, and our maintenance team can arrange for a time to return to your home!

 “Everything about our project went very smoothly.

Nancy, the sales rep, was very helpful while we were trying to make decisions. Scheduling was easy and Miguel and Ryan arrived promptly, were polite, and did a great installation. When they left, everything was clean and we are happy with our new doors!”

Our Styles

When we say that you have dozens of options available when it comes to a new garage door, we aren’t joking. Many of the models featured below feature customization options such as different window arrangements and paneling designs. 


The Coachman® collection we offer are insulated steel garage doors designed to look like wood. The doors are available in four different series and have multiple decorative hardware options. 


Modern Glass

The glass selection of garage doors are where modern design meets Asian inspiration. The doors come with extremely durable aluminum frames and the option to choose from clear glass, gray tinted glass, frosted glass, and more. 


Modern Steel

Steel garage doors are extremely secure,  and are available in three different layer options to help you choose a level of durability that best fits your needs. They also have a wide range of customizations for window layouts and panel styles. 


Modern Wood

The modern wood collection makes a bold statement on any home, and the best way to experience the splendor of these doors is to scroll through the gallery yourself. Each option comes with dozens of different finishing stain options to fit your home.


Cape Cod Collection 

The Cape Cod collection is inspired by New England architecture, and come with a variety of classic embellishments and traditional window arrangements. They are perfect for California homes that feature any kind of east coast architectural elements. 


Spanish Collection

The line of authentic Spanish style garage doors are inspired by Spanish Revival architecture, Mediterranean villas, and Tuscany estates. Elements such as iron clavos and rustic wood help represent this Spanish architectural style and create elegant garage door appearances. 


Faux Doors

The aesthetic of a natural wood garage door is achieved through faux doors that use customizable composite overlays that are applied to the surface of steel garage doors. These doors are budget friendly and fit well on any home.


Commercial Doors

We also handle commercial garage door installations. If your warehouse or commercial building needs a rolling fire door or a counter fire door as seen in school cafeterias, don’t hesitate to view the different styles available and reach out to our team. 


Before and After Garage Door Installations

The videos below provide a first hand look at our installation process, and the drastic curb appeal improvements that these garage doors provided for their respective homes!

Garage Door Repair Services

We shouldn’t forget to mention our professional garage door repair services either. When you have an existing garage door that has fallen off the tracks is failing to open properly or has a broken torsion spring, our technicians will be happy to visit your site. We will get your garage door working like new in the shortest time possible! 

Here is a 21-point inspection list that we use for all of our garage door services. 

  1. Door balance – Inspect proper balance
  2. Rollers – Inspect for excessive wear & tear
  3. Cables – Inspect for fraying, kinking & damage
  4. Drums – Inspect for unusual defects or cracking
  5. Bearings – Inspect for wear & tear or burned out bearings. End bearing plates, center plate check for signs of bending or in need of replacing
  6. Top & Bottom Brackets – Inspect for damage abnormalities
  7. Tracks – Inspect for signs of bending, abnormalities & properly secured to walls
  8. Jamb Brackets – Inspect for proper installation & secured to walls
  9. Hinges – Inspect for properly installed, excessive water & tear and properly lubricated
  10. Strut – Check for proper installation and signs of damage
  1. Weather Seal – Check for cracking, dry rot or tears
  2. Sections – Check for dents, cracks, and properly secured
  3. Opener Controls – Check wall console, remotes & keyless
  4. Opener Trolley – Inspect for damage, excessive noise & properly lubricated
  5. Safety Eyes – Inspect for proper alignment & functionality
  6. Opener – Inspect for proper lubrication, noise and battery back up capability
  7. Wires – Visually check when possible for wear & tears
  8. Limits – Test for proper travel to ensure door opens & closes properly
  9. Open/Close Force – Test force being applied to door during the open & close travel
  10. Springs – Visually inspect springs for excessive signs of trust & deterioration
  11. Pick up work area