Choosing The Right Garage Door Color

When it comes to choosing the right garage door color for a modern garage door installation on your Los Angeles home, it can be tough to know where to start. You want your garage door to compliment the rest of your house and say something about you, but how do you find that balance without overdoing it? Here at G & G Garage Door, we have been installing garage doors in the greater Los Angeles area for over 30 years, and have constantly stayed on top of the latest trends and homeowner needs with beautiful garage doors. Here are some observations that we have made in regards to color. 

What Is The Most Common Garage Door Color?

When it comes to steel and vinyl garage doors, white has always been the most popular color choice. White is a safe choice to balance out the rest of your home, regardless of the paint color on your home, the trim color, or anything else that might be demanding attention. If you are worried about white being too bland of a choice, there are plenty of ways that you can personalize a white garage door to still have it make a statement. Adding different window arrangements or panel styles using the CloPay® Build-A-Door feature allows you to make a simple garage door your own. 

In most cases, we recommend not matching the garage door with the front door. The front door is a smaller exterior space where you are encouraged to choose a bold color to make it the focal point. Doubling down on that color on your garage door can oftentimes be too overwhelming. 

Considering Material

Garage door material often makes a greater statement than the color, and it is important to choose a color for your garage door that compliments the material.


When people select a genuine wooden garage door for their home, they typically select it for the rich, natural colors that are brought out in the wood. Because of this, it is typically not best to paint real wooden doors. Homes that incorporate wooden elements add a sense of elegance and earthly-vibe to a home. Wooden garage doors compliment wooden railings, swings, or siding that may be incorporated into other areas of the home. There are various different stain options that CloPay® recommends if you are interested in matching a stain with the rest of your home on your wooden garage door. 

Metal and Vinyl

When choosing paint for a steel or vinyl door, you have a lot more freedom in the direction that you can take. Latex paint adheres well to steel, and while a vinyl garage door may need several coats of paint before it comes out how you want, the final product will look great. The steel and vinyl garage doors that we sell can be installed with a pre-determined color so that you do not have to paint them yourself. 

A huge part of choosing the right paint color for a metal or vinyl garage door is creating contrast. For example. if you have a grey house, black or white garage doors can add great contrast to help it stand out against the exterior. 

When it comes to stucco houses here in the Los Angeles area, contrasting tones can also be a great option, as seen in the video below! With a light pink stucco, a light teal garage door looked great. Don’t be afraid to look at a color wheel to look at complementary colors of the tone of your home, as muting those colors can provide some great color options for garage doors. 

What Is The Neighborhood Aesthetic?

At the end of the day, many homeowners don’t want to stand out too much from the rest of the neighborhood. If you live in an established housing development, take note of other garage doors on your block, and investigate whether pastel colors are popular, or if most people have stuck with white and beige tones. Depending on where your home lies in the greater Los Angeles area, you may have a lot more freedom to make your home stand out from your neighbors!

CloPay Color Blast

With the CloPay® Color Blast system that we utilize, you are able to have your garage door professionally painted with any paint color offered by Sherwin Williams. That was the case with the color blasted three door garage that we installed here!

Contact G & G For More

As you may have gathered from this blog, sometimes playing it safe is the best route to go when choosing a garage door color if you are uncertain about what you want. Our professional team of garage door installers would be happy to guide you through your Los Angeles garage door selection and if you have any questions about the vision that you have for your home! Feel free to browse the variety of garage doors listed on our site for inspiration, or contact us today!