My spring is broken! What do I do? Can I repair it myself? What kind of risk will I encounter? What is the cost? Who do I call? We have all had this happen to us at one time or another and all these questions come to mind but, before we try to answer any of these questions… what does this spring do and why do I need it?

Torsion springs operate your garage door up and down. Springs are designed to pick up the weight of your garage door, under tremendous tension. They are wound up very, very tight. Above photos show what could happen if you don’t know what you are doing and if you wear loose clothing or even a glove etc that can get too close, caught inside and worse cause bodily harm! There have been many cases of fingers being torn off or mangled. Your body isn’t the only damage a torsion spring breaking can cause, it can dent the steel reinforcement trust on the door and actually put a hole in the wall above the header. You may have watched an “easy” how to video on the internet and think you can do it yourself but we highly recommend you leave it to the professionals. They show how to keep your torsion spring tight and adjusting them but that actually causes your torsion spring to break faster! It is cheaper to call a garage door company than to pay for emergency bills. The price range averages from $75-$125 each spring vs professional installed price range of $195-$395.

Did you also know that manufactures give torsion springs a cycle life? That is how many times the garage door can open and close before the spring will break and needs to be replaced. To prevent a torsion spring breaking we always recommend regular maintenance checks. Give us a call anytime if you have any other questions or if you think your torsion spring is near the end of its life cycle.