It is that time of the year again where we start to feel the wind chill and of course start planning our holiday parties. On the other hand…one thing you may not have thought about planning for is your garage door. If you have an older garage door chances are you should get it looked at to prepare for this upcoming winter. Sure – we live in California but it does get pretty cold, at least to Californians. If your garage door isn’t sealed properly or even insulated chances are you will be paying a pretty penny for your heating bills as the cold air can seep in through your garage and into your nice warm living rooms. If you haven’t replaced your weatherstripping in years or maybe even ever, it might be time to do it. Weatherstripping can crack over time and create gaps in the seal which lets cold air and wind inside. You can try these tips I mentioned or if your garage door may be out of date, it might not matter how much reinforcement and sealing you give it. It could possibly be time to invest in a new garage door. Modern doors are made with excellent insulation and are strong and durable.


A drizzle can scare even the toughest of Californians so when it actually starts to pour down, are we even prepared? Make sure you take the preventative steps on keeping your garage (and the inside) safe and keep you from steep costs. First thing you want to make sure you have is adequate drainage. If your yard slopes toward your garage the water may pool up faster than it can drain. You may need to install french drains or trench drain along with your driveway or in front of your garage. This way, you direct the water away from your home. Second thing you can use are flood barriers and sandbags. This technique is used to redirect water away from your property and toward the street via sandbags. This option will not completely seal your garage, but it will reduce flooding during massive downpours. Stack the sandbags in a pyramid-shaped wall near the flood zone area.


We deal with humidity most the time in California. This can pose a serious threat to not only your garage and property but most importantly your health. First and foremost you can and it is recommended that you invest in a properly insulated garage door. Humidity can cause mold, and mildew growth and potentially damage your property. Keep your garage dry if you notice humidity has started to cause excess moisture from within. Wipe down anything you notice holding moisture and such as cardboard boxes and replace them with resistant plastic containers. Another great way to keep out moisture is to make sure you have proper ventilation. Create air circulation by opening windows and installing an exhaust fan or dehumidifier.


​Lets face it, fires happen! We have mentioned before about the new California battery backup law in California due to wild fires happening much more frequently. With that being said the new law states that any new opener installed must have battery backup! It saves lives because if your power goes out due to fires, your garage would use the battery backup to be able to let you escape! There have been cases of families locked in their garage not being able to escape because they didn’t have a battery backup opener. Stay tuned for our next blog for more on fire safety!

​If you have any further questions on preventative care do not hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!