1. Give Your Home the Gift of a New Garage Door

    As we look forward to the 23rd and the massive feast that is Thanksgiving and whether you are having Chinese food on the couch or the traditional turkey with all of the accoutrements, it is bound to be an amazing day. Most of us do not have to work, traditional games of football are played in the park and the creeping disease that is Christmas music is just on the other side of Black Friday. Soon …Read More

  2. G&G Garage Door, Your Leader in Commercial Door Solutions

    If you own a business you probably understand that security is of the utmost importance. You probably also understand that in order to stay relevant that you must refer to any new product or system as a “solution”. A security system is called an “anti-theft solution”, a new copier can be referred to as a “duplication solution” and a new phone can be called a “customer communication s…Read More

  3. Reimagining Your Garage Space

    Previously we delved into creating a unique space within your garage. Not many areas of your home have the versatility that a garage does, as far as potential goes. The first detail that should be considered is the garage door. At G&G Garage Door, we believe that your garage door is the most important feature on the front of your home. Regardless of what is inside your garage, the garage door …Read More

  4. Rethink Your Garage Space!

    Your garage is many things, a place to park your car, the de facto front door to your home, a workout space, and for some, the best place to watch the game while kicking back. Regardless of what your garage is used for, the fact remains that whatever goes on inside, the door needs to be the centerpiece of your home. Many homes in Long Beach feature a garage that is essentially the main access poin…Read More

  5. Signs It’s Time to Call For Garage Door Repair

    No one wants to pay for repairs that aren't actually necessarily, whether it's to your kitchen dishwasher, your car, or your garage door. That's why so often our customers wait to call us for their garage door repair needs; they want to make sure the problem isn't going to resolve itself. While we understand wanting to save your money, all too often customers find that the longer they wait to get …Read More

  6. Great Tips for Keeping Your Garage Tidy

    Does it feel like your garage is just space for your family to pile their extra stuff? You aren't alone. Most families use at least part of their garage as a storage space. Step into the average garage and you'll find an assortment of tools, bikes, outdoor toys, seasonal decoration, and so much more. So what do you do with it all? Is there a way to keep things tidy without sacrificing your storage…Read More

  7. How to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home

    Curb appeal is an important thing to know about as a Redondo Beach homeowner. Curb appeal is, essentially, the first impression that your home makes to a viewer on the street. Curb appeal can affect your home in a big way. If your property has good curb appeal, it can increase the value of your home. That gives you more equity in your home and can help you sell it for top dollar if you ever decide…Read More

  8. Energy Efficiency & Your Garage Door

    Energy efficient products for your home have swept all over the appliance industry, supplying incentives consumers to invest in more energy efficient products to save money on energy costs. However, appliances within your home are not the only effective route you can take to increase energy efficiency. Have you ever thought of your garage door as one of the most inefficient rooms in your home? May…Read More

  9. Keeping Your Garage Secure

    Garage doors may be an overlooked aspect of our house when it comes to security. Though we ensure that our windows and doors are locked, we may not be implementing the best practices when it comes to security in our garage. They are a common point of weakness for a variety of homes, and something that should be thought about when getting a new garage door or maintaining an old one. At G&G Gara…Read More

  10. Garage Door Issues? Better Call A Professional

    Being a homeowner has it’s inevitable ups and downs with the joy that comes from owning a home, as well as the problems that inevitably come along with it. Many things need routine maintenance or repair, but some may be pushed back as it isn’t urgent, or can be completed yourself - that is, when you actually have time for it. However, many intricate features of your home, such as your garage d…Read More