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garagemessThere are very few people who don’t use their garage as some form of storage. Whether it be for tools, boxes or yard equipment, it can be hard to keep this space organized enough to still walk around once you’ve parked your car inside. At G&G Garage Doors, we have been a part of quite a few garage renovations, upgrades, conversions, and projects. One of the projects that we see people take on and go all out on is organizational. And we have to admit, that once you get started organizing this space, it’s hard to stop. Our next series of blogs will go over some of the organizational tips that we have found for garage spaces.

Shelving On the Walls

Shelving units are a great way to organize, but they take up space on the edge of your garage. Avoid this by adding shelves onto the sides of your garage. It’s easy to get carried away when adding shelves to the inside of your garage, but remember that you need to be able to reach the items on the shelves either on the ground or on a stepping stool, so there’s no point in taking them all the way to the ceiling. Also, make sure that the placement isn’t going to get in the way of any other items that will be in this area. Doing this should free up some space on the floor or any surfaces that are intended for working on.

liquidCollect The Tiny Things

Garages usually have plenty of tools and materials that are used for handy work or construction purposes. In fact, if you walk around the common garage, it’s not uncommon to find some loose screws, bolts or nuts. If you’re really going all out, get some jars or tins that you can put these pieces in. Organize them and label them so that when it comes time to use these pieces, you know exactly where to go. Once you have multiple tins or jars labeled, put them all on the same shelf since you’ll likely be using a variety of them at once.

Oils, Lube & Gasoline

Garages are also a collector of fluids. From gasoline to windshield wiper fluid, there are probably bottles upon bottles of fluids in your garage. These are the types of items that are better stored away in a shelving unit. Not only is this a great way of preventing spills onto the floor of your garage or any other belongings, but this is also a great way to keep them out of reach from children and pets. it is important to note that many of the chemicals in your garage may be flammable or extremely hazardous. These items require special storage precautions in order to avoid potential issues like fire or exposure. Keeping oily rags in your garage is a recipe for disaster as this is a common cause of house fires. When thinking about storage, consider what need to be recycled, thrown out or stored in a specialty container. As you place all of these in your storage unit, make sure to take out some WD40 and add it to any spots of your garage track that could benefit from a little lube. If you’re not especially experienced with this, call G&G Garage Doors in Torrance and we can come out and check on the rest of your maintenance while you continue to organize.

We are just getting started on helpful organizational tips for your garage space. If you’re really looking to get organized in your space, you can count on the team from our garage company to provide you with all of the services that you need.