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Garage Doors are our specialty here at G&G Garage Door Co. in Torrance, CA. With many different garage doors available to you, whether that’s for your business or home, we want you to understand that there are things you can do to make your garage door better than ever before! We understand that if you’ve purchased a garage door from us, your taste may change in the future! If you have decided to paint your home, don’t leave your garage door out of the loop. Here’s some general information you need to know about painting your garage door yourself.

Which Color?

When you start looking for paints to paint onto your garage door, we recommend that you look for a latex paint that is water based. Paint like this is used to avoid highlighting any imperfections in the metal of the garage door. We also recommend that you use a synthetic bristle brush that’s made out of nylon and/or polyester to contour the raised panel on your door and a 4 inch roller to provide a great finish. It’s also important to note that an oil-based paint, like alkaloid, that is matte or semi-gloss finish doesn’t really exist in the residential garage door painting market, unless you decide to use an industrial paint.

To learn more about how to repaint your garage door from G&G Garage Doors in Torrance, stay tuned!