Many folks who live in Torrance are graced with having a reliable garage door that provides them with the safety and security they want. Garage doors are a great way to keep your privacy levels high, but they are also a wonderful way to keep out the elements that Mother Nature forces upon us. Sometimes, however, garage doors can break down and/or start to cause homeowners problems that are troublesome and down right annoying. G&G Garage Doors, the leaders in the garage door repair industry, understand your frustration, and have been troubleshooting some of the most common garage door annoyances! So, without further ado, what if your garage door won’t go up?

What if your garage door won’t go up?garage door Torrance

Have you ever used your brute strength to open a broken and closed garage door? If so, then you already know that they are heavy! If you haven’t – they’re heavy. So, if your garage door won’t go up, there could be a problem with the strength of the springs that are attached to the door itself. If a garage door spring, or both springs, are broken, the garage door may have one heck of a time opening or even fail at the task altogether. Take a look at the springs, do they look loose? Are they broken? If so, give us a call! Next check the mounting hardware and tracks. If the tracks are bent or twisted the rollers will not raise the door effectively. The cables are another critical part of the lifting process if one or both of the cables are broken or sticking on the pulley the door will not raise. Of course the opener is always a possibility when the door will not raise. Broken drive motors, slipped chains and even dead batteries can cause issues. 

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