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garageWhether you’re currently looking at homes on the market or you’re looking to remodel the garage space at your current home, having a general idea of what you’re looking for is a must. Too often we have people come in that say that when they bought their house the last thing on their mind was the size of their garage. Sure, it’s not the kitchen that showings always end in, but it is definitely a part of the home that you should be spending time looking into. In the case that you are still trying to determine what size garage is going to be ideal for you, you are in luck! The team at G&G Garage Doors in Redondo Beach has broken down the most common sized garages with relation to what you can expect from each one, that way you are able to better select a garage moving forward.

Two Car Garage

A two car garage is going to be plenty of space for a standard family that only has two cars or doesn’t mind parking one on the street if a little extra storage space needs to be opened up in the garage. This is the ideal sized garage for smaller families or families that don’t have a ton of extra “toys” that they need to worry about storing. For the most part, this is going to be the standard garage size of houses, but if it isn’t enough space for all that you want to store in a garage, then it’s time to look at the next level up.

Three Car Garage

Three car garages have come in various different designs now, but can usually be spotted as a standard two car garage with an additional one car garage to the side. However, there are some homes that have a garage that is wider in one spot that allows for bumper to bumper parking inside of a single garage entrance. While this isn’t ideal if all three cars are being used, it is a great use of space for times when you’re looking to store a camper, a motorcycle or even just want some additional storage space. The common three car garage is ideal if you are looking for extra vehicle space as well as a dedicated space for a gym or studio.   

garage2Four Car Garage

If you are someone that needs space for all of the toys and for some cars, then a four car garage is likely going to be the minimum that you should be considering. These can also be seen as a double two car garage, side by side, or as a two car garage next to a single car garage that has a deeper spot. This is going to be ideal for the times that you need to store items like a boat, camper, jetski’s, or bikes. That makes having to access the spots in the back less important on a regular basis and doesn’t require all cars to move in the case that someone needs to drive. These are a little less common, but are definitely worth looking for if you have a lot of things that you’re looking to store in a garage.

Whether you need garage servicing or maintenance done, garage door replacement or repairs or some other form of garage service, G&G Garage Doors in Redondo Beach. Our team of professionals can help you construct and work with any garage that you currently have.

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