The Beauty of Steel doors from G&G Garage Doors

The Showroom where you can choose your G&G Garage DoorThere is little that can compare to steel. Whether it be wheels, swords, boots, or garage doors the only material to choose if you want to offer the best possible protection is steel. At G&G Garage Door, we offer a wide range of steel garage doors, and adding a steel garage door is like putting a goalie mask on the front of your home. It looks awesome and has the added benefit of being strong.

Blue Steel is Not Just for Zoolander

As much as wood garage doors look amazing, they unfortunately, require much more maintenance than your typical metal garage doors. Back in the old days, if you hung a steel door off of your home, the roof would probably collapse. Now, the process for creating the steel garage door is much more refined, allowing strength and lightweight to go hand in hand. Of course steel is not the only kind of garage door that G&G carries, in fact we just may have the largest selection in Long Beach, Redondo, or Hermosa. We carry aluminum, wood, and steel in a wide variety of styles and configurations. No matter what type of home you have from a mid-century modern or a classic 1960s craftsman we have a steel door that will complement the architecture.

How Strong Are They?

One common question we are often asked about garage doors is how long will they last? Well of course that is a loaded question and generally we can never predict how long a garage door will last particularly when they are in such a precarious position. I mean, it is possible that as you are reading this that a garage door is being smashed by a vehicle. While there is little we can do to stop this tragedy from occurring precautions can be taken. Steel is an excellent deflector of weather but stands no chance against a ninety pound soccer mom behind the wheel of a ten thousand pound SUV. But given a chance, a steel garage door is an excellent choice for a long lasting solution. Steel is easily painted and can be cleaned just as painlessly.

Weather can't phase a tough G&G Garage doorWhat is the Advantage of Steel?

While all of our garage doors are built to last, steel is undeniably the choice for those who want to incorporate the practicality of a metal garage door with the option of installing insulation. A steel door is very effective when insulated and can increase the efficiency in your home. Steel garage doors also feature an excellent price point and are much easier on the budget than a solid oak door would be. In the end, steel doors are designed to be long lasting, energy efficient, beautiful, and affordable. If you have any questions about any of our door styles or materials please contact us today. You can also visit our showroom to get an idea of exactly what you want. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your business.