When we spot a truly awesome garage door from the street, some of us tend to take notice. Of course being in the garage door business here in Long Beach, we tend to look a little harder at the door itself. We consider the materials, the craftsmanship, and even the hardware used on that garage door. We think that what makes a home great is the garage door. In fact, at G&G Garage Door we carry a line of custom doors that would look amazing on any home. With as many garage doors we install every year, and the garage being primarily for vehicle storage, we get to see a lot of incredible cars. Garage doors by nature are an extension of the style of the homeowner, as are cars for some people. We thought we would dig a little deeper into that concept and look at what kind of cars your garage door should be hiding.

Family Cars

Everyone knows that the family car gets a bad rap, but the truth of the matter is, they have some incredible features. Much has changed since the days of your dad’s Oldsmobile station wagon with no seat belts.These family cars are vehicles for riding in style, safety, and dependability — who would not want that? Ok, ok, the cool factor of a family car is a bit on the lower end of the spectrum, but when you have four kids — cool kind of goes out the window.

The Honda Odyssey   

In the time since the station wagon went extinct, the minivan has held the crown of the most practical and best selling family vehicle. The Honda Odyssey is the cream of the minivan crop, if it were a pie it would be cherry, because it is so sweet. Whether you have seven kids or two, you need more than one row of seats. This not only provides more seating, but strategic placement of the passengers can keep on-the-road-problems at bay. The Odyssey has TV’s, self folding seats, and a sunroof so you can pretend that you are still in your 20s. The V6 has enough get up and go, that you might just forget you are driving a minivan.

The Toyota Prius

Who doesn’t love the Prius? Of course most of the people that drive a Prius, if they have a big family, also have an SUV to carry everyone at the same time. The original hybrid is perfect for commuting to and from school, buzzing around town, and ideal for a teenage driver. You don’t have to worry about draining your wallet dry every time you fill it up and it is one of the safer cars on the road.

The Chevy Suburban

The Granddaddy of all SUVs and a favorite of the ’98 pound soccer mom, the Suburban is as long as a school bus and will seat about as many people. In many Suburbans, there are not one, but two, sometimes three, TVs, because that is how we do it in America. Depending on the year of your home, your garage may not even be able to house a Suburban, they are so massive. If that is the case, you would have to park in the driveway, and what a tragedy to cover up a beautiful garage door.

Luxury Cars

Here is where things get fun. Luxury cars are the fastest growing portion of the market and perfect for Southern California. While luxury cars are much more associated with wealth and prestige, but hey, we are not talking about a Maybach here.  

BMW 3 Series

Driving a BMW is unlike any other vehicle you will encounter. They have just the right amount of refinement and sports heritage. The 3 series is no exception, even though it is on the more affordable side. The little BMW is perfect for luxury that won’t put you in the poor house.   

Cadillac ATS

The pinnacle of luxury, by which all others are judged is the Cadillac. For decades, the Cadillac has been a defining way to proclaim to the world that you have made it in life. The best part is that having Cadillac level luxury does not have to cost a bundle anymore. The ATS is all you need when cruising around Redondo Beach and it looks amazing too. People will think you spent twice as much on the ATS as you actually did.

The Mercedes AMG S-Class

Nothing cheap about the AMG S-class, starting at around 150k this powerhouse of a luxury car would be just at home on the sports/muscle car end of the spectrum. The S-Class, in general, is the one of the most luxurious vehicles on the road and will spoil your tastes for anything else. If you truly want to put a car in your garage that will make your neighbors jealous, this is it.

Sports/Muscle Cars

Now for the fun category. Who doesn’t want a rumbling muscle car? Or a sleek sports car? Well if you want to do your garage door any justice, these are some of the best you can get.

The Chevy Camaro

A Camaro essentially screams awesome — actually it’s usually the dude in the sleeveless tee that is screaming “awesome.” The Camaro might have a reputation as a true gear head car but those days are essentially over. The new Camaros are as refined as a BMW and twice as fast. If you truly want an affordable car that will turn heads, get the yellow Camaro. You never know, they may be a collectors item one day.  

The Dodge Demon

Dodge has really stepped up its game in what is known as the new horsepower wars and the Demon is the reigning champion. No production car hits the street with more horsepower, and that would be right around 808. Yeah we know, that is insane. Unfortunately, though, the Demon has already come and gone as Dodge discontinued it after a limited run. This means that there will be garages all over this country with a Demon tucked in the back. If you can find one, grab it.

The Audi R8

The R8 has the lineage of a proven track car with the real world refinements that you expect from Audi. The car comes with a ten cylinder engine, that will push you back in the seat when you mash on the accelerator. One thing that the R8 excels at is cornering, and while it does not have the horsepower as a muscle car, it more than makes up for it on the curves. One of the cool features of the R8 is its magnetic suspension dampening. The shocks are filled with special metal impregnated fluid that can be manipulated to change the handling characteristics.

The Subaru WRX

While not technically a sports car, or a muscle car, the outstanding WRX is built to handle and be just downright fun. The Subaru is one of the most stable handling cars that are on the road for the price. You will not be sorry when you pull a WRX into your garage. While not as sporty as the BRZ, the WRX is much more real world friendly. It is essentially a family car with the soul of a race car. These characteristics might make it the perfect car for everyone, ok maybe not everyone, most everyone.           

Make Your Garage Door Proud!

While this is in no way a complete list, any of these vehicles would be right at home in your garage. At G&G Garage Door we offer the finest doors to compliment the awesome ride you have stashed in there. Please get in touch with us right away if you need garage door repairs, garage door replacement, or garage door service. At G&G Garage Door we are your hometown experts, contact us today for more information of service.