Wooden and glass custom doors from G&G Garage Doors

Curb appeal matters with G&G Garage DoorYour garage is many things, a place to park your car, the de facto front door to your home, a workout space, and for some, the best place to watch the game while kicking back. Regardless of what your garage is used for, the fact remains that whatever goes on inside, the door needs to be the centerpiece of your home. Many homes in Long Beach feature a garage that is essentially the main access point to the home and the garage door is the first thing that anyone will notice about the home. G&G Garage Door is your local leader in exceptional garage doors, featuring wood, steel and aluminum, we have the look you want for your home.

Lock It Down

Now we all know that tall fences make good neighbors and the same is true for your garage door. Do you really want your neighbors, (unless they are involved) to know what is going on inside of your garage? Of course not! You want to lock that space down, after all, it may be where you end up when the zombie apocalypse hits Southern California. That being said, if you are using your garage strictly as a place to park your car your are truly missing out on what an amazing space it can be. The garage can be an extension of the living space, a specialty area and even a quiet meditation space.

Start a Tech Company

Legend has it, that the garage is one of the best places to start a tech company. After all look at the famous garages in California that have spawned the way we look at the world. Apple, Google, Disney and many more marquee companies were started in garages. Clearly, if you want to start a tech company all you need to do is spend more time in your garage. It will work… right? Well maybe not, but with a little work your garage can become an incredible space, and with a little bit of luck you just may be the next California billionaire.

Workout Space

In order to have an incredibly effective workout space the right atmosphere needs to be cultivated. The right equipment makes all of the difference in the world when designing a workout space in your garage. Free weights, a dip/pullup bar and a weight bench are all you need to have an ideal workout room, skip the treadmill and elliptical you can do cardio out in the sunshine. To protect the floor from falling weights and protien shake stains a urethane coating should be painted in your workout area. Some great urethane coatings are available these days and are extremely durable but you will want to lay down some workout mats or padded flooring to reduce the risk of injury. The most important part of your home gym in your garage are the mirrors, at a minimum, there should be at least four. What good is flexing if your can’t see how breathtaking your quads are? Another upgrade that you may want to consider is a webcam or at least a selfie stick, for those potentially viral videos of hashtag leg day.

Yoga Retreat

Ok so yoga is supposed to be done on top of mountains, or those paddleboards everyone is nuts about, but if you look as social media, it is confirmed that yoga can be done just about everywhere. If you are under 30 and do not have a yoga pose in your picture gallery, you are slacking (or jumping, jumping seems to be cool these days). Anyway, creating a yoga retreat in your garage is as simple as finding a quiet corner and a place to put your mat. Sounds simple right? The only thing left to do is: buy a new yoga outfit, download some yoga dubstep playlists, get one of those bowls that rings, get a new bluetooth speaker, cut some eucalyptus and bamboo for the perfect ambiance, get a lamp that is a glowing rock, (not a lava lamp). Make your yoga spot your own and all of your friends will think you are the yoga-est yoga doer ever. Bonus points if you can get a dude put you up on his feet while someone takes your picture.

Regardless of what your plans are for your garage the garage door professionals from G&G Garage doors are here to meet your needs. Give us a call today and upgrade your garage door! Stay tuned for more ideas about making your garage into a unique space.