Professional installation by G&G Garage Door

Aluminum and Glass Doors for your business from G&G Garage DoorTis the season. That is what they say isn’t it? The throngs of shoppers out there risking their necks for the next big toy or the hottest new personal internet listening device. These listening devices go by various names and are manufactured by internet corporations to listen to what we are saying and recommend products to our web feeds. Now that is downright creepy. The worst part about this cultural phenomenon is that we are more than willing to part with our privacy for the sake of convenience. It used to be that the public in general would freak out about installing wireless listening pillars into the most private realms of their homes. You may remember, a few decades ago, that a large source of anxiety was directly related to the former Soviet Union and the threat of nuclear war. These days we freak out if the package of cheese puffs we ordered online does not reach our doors within a 12 hour window. Lets face it, we live in a disposable society, of instant gratification, and that has trickled down into each and every aspect of our lives. At G&G Garage Doors, we reject the idea that workmanship and quality materials are a thing of the past. We know that our customers deserve better than a halfway installation of a garage door that is substandard in terms of quality.

The Way It Used To Be

Rugged beauty by G&G Garage DoorsMore than thirty years ago when we began serving Long Beach, Redondo Beach, and Hermosa Beach, the idea that craftsmanship mattered was still very much a concept many adhered to. It is not necessarily anyone’s fault it just happened. Now to be fair, there are plenty of exceptional companies out there that are producing the best quality of work they possibly can. What sets G&G Garage Door apart from the rest is customer service. Remember when you could pull up to a gas station and the attendants would swarm the car, cleaning the windshield and filling up the gas tank for you? I don’t either, but legend has it that at one time that is the way it used to be. What an amazing display of customer service! It truly enhanced the customer experience through superior attention to the needs of the customer. Unfortunately, that is the way it used to be and in some sections of our society the old ways no longer matter.   

The Superior Experience

The Fleet of installers from G&G Garage DoorWhen was the last time you had a truly exceptional customer service experience? For instance, let’s say you need a new garage door (HEY!) you may flip through the phone book, wait do they make those anymore? How about this, you may ask your internet information tower to provide you with the names of garage door installation companies in your area. The soothing female voice lists off a variety of big garage door companies and you are stuck with picking the best one. Sounds tough right? Well, in this area, she will probably tell you that G&G Garage Door is one of the top installers of garage doors. When you choose us, we will make sure that you are satisfied, whether you are looking to install a low end steel door or an intricate custom wooden door, we will make sure that your customer experience is unmatched. But what good is a great customer experience without a product that works and is completed on time? Not much.

Our professional installers are trained to provide fast repair, installation, and feature a commitment to doing the job right. This is what we think of as a superior experience and we strive to provide that to each and every one of our clients. We want you to be confident in our work as much as you are comfortable with the way you are treated. So, if it is time to replace your garage door, or maybe add a gate, G&G Garage Doors is your local, premium garage door installation and repair contractor. If you want things the way they used to be and to receive a superior experience, ask your internet connected listening device to play your Monday Jams playlist and give G&G Garage Doors a call today.