Renew your garage with a door from G&G Garage door

As we look forward to the 23rd and the massive feast that is Thanksgiving and whether you are having Chinese food on the couch or the traditional turkey with all of the accoutrements, it is bound to be an amazing day. Most of us do not have to work, traditional games of football are played in the park and the creeping disease that is Christmas music is just on the other side of Black Friday. Soon we will be hearing popped up versions of “traditional” holiday music like Jingle Bells, Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman. It’s enough to make you want to lock yourself in the garage until February for a worthwhile holiday like St. Patrick’s Day. The icing on the cake? Not only is the day after Thanksgiving the biggest shopping day of the year but it is traditionally the beginning of Christmas decorating season, unless of course you are one of the trashy/brilliant individuals that leaves the lights up year round. So round up that heard of light up reindeer and get the bulb tester ready because you have a long weekend ahead of you.

The Canvas

Lighting and decorating the outside of your home generally begins in the garage, this is due to the fact that many of us store our Christmas lights in there. As much as the turkey is part of Thanksgiving and tear gas is part of Black Friday, the garage is ground zero for the Christmas light display. Sitting amidst balls of tangled lights and cracked plastic candy canes is the perfect time to evaluate the condition of your garage door. Is the opener working? Do the windows need a fresh layer of tinfoil? Does your garage door look like it was salvaged from the Titanic? If you answered yes to any of these questions you have bigger problems. You can’t, in good conscience, decorate a home with thousands of energy sucking strands of lights until your garage door is in good shape. Your garage door is like the creepy mouth on a nutcracker, and a focal point of your home, if it is in bad shape your light display will just end up looking sad.

Windows for your garage doors from G&G Garage DoorThe Solution

If your garage door is like a wart on your home you have two options: Number one – Put up your Christmas lights and risk drawing attention to your hideous garage door. Number two – Ditch the Christmas lights altogether and start your own holiday and Number three – Call G&G Garage door for a replacement garage door. Ok so that is more than two options but what do you do? Upgrading your garage door this year is the perfect Christmas gift to give yourself. Your home will look amazing and your neighbors might stop thinking of you as the scary hermit family with the peeling garage door. A G&G garage door will open up a whole new world of possibilities. You might even be able to ditch the tinfoil on the windows and admire your neighborhood from the secrecy of your own garage instead of that peep hole in your front door. So don’t wait until it is too late, contact G&G today!