Commercial door installation by G&G Garage Doors

Have you ever seen Die Hard? If not, stop everything you are doing and watch it right now. If you don’t, you are truly missing out on one of the most significant cultural events of the 20th century. That’s right, John McLean finds out his ex wife, on Christmas no less, is being held in a highrise building by the guy from Harry Potter. Crazy stuff ensues, he blows stuff up and shoots people and generally makes a big mess of the building. It is a whole movie about damage and what is better at Christmas time than damage? Well, maybe eggnog…

As much as Die Hard is a Christmas classic, it has not one thing to do with garage doors. Although John does blow up a bunch of doors in the movie, and clearly someone will need to repair all of those damaged and destroyed doors in Nakatomi Plaza. So let’s say this situation occurs in your commercial building, that a rogue cop, searching for his (ex) wife, stumbles into a terrorist/hostage situation, masterminded by the Harry Potter guy. As impossible as it may seem, it could happen, and you would be left with a bunch of commercial garage doors and rollup fire doors to replace. G&G Garage Doors is your local commercial garage door contractor and we are equipped for any size job, even Nakatomi Plaza.

Commercial and Residential Doors, What is The Difference?

Although G&G Garage Door Company is primarily known for the quality of our residential garage doors, we also supply a large amount of doors to commercial buildings and businesses all over Orange County. Just because we call them commercial doors does not mean that they must be utilized on a commercial building. In fact, many homes in the area are elect to use commercial type doors for their properties. From barns to shops, commercial doors make sense for many applications that typical residential garage doors do not adequately satisfy. Of course when picturing a commercial garage door you may envision a drab behemoth of a door that looks like it was salvaged from a Russian bunker. Nothing could be further from the truth as the commercial doors that G&G installs are a beautiful as they are functional. The difference is in the industrial strength materials, motors and design. Take for example our line of aluminum and glass roll up doors. These would look gorgeous on street facing portion of a restaurant, giving the patrons the feeling that they are outside. Roll up doors in a restaurant are a huge draw there’s days. This application is ideal for a new or existing restaurant and we can offer our advice as to which doors would be ideal for your application.

Commercial Fire Doors

The G&G Garage door fleet of installers ready to go!If Nakatomi Plaza had all of the designated roll up fire doors would it have blown up so badly? I guess we will never know. But if you own a commercial building the last thing that you expect to happen is for a guy without shoes to toss an office chair strapped with C4 down the elevator shaft. What you do have to pay attention to is the current fire codes, among other OSHA regulations and even municipal building codes. Many times these regulations are in place to protect the occupants of the building in case of an event like a fire. Many times commercial doors are fire rated and designed to either contain a fire or keep one out. Specialized fire doors are also installed in a variety of different locations depending on what that space is used for. For instance roll up fire doors are utilized extensively in mechanic shops due to the higher likelihood that a fire could start and spread. Thes doors can be deployed either automatically or manually but they are, many times, required by law in certain buildings.

As much as commercial doors are a passion for G&G Garage Door Company, we absolutely enjoy the residential aspect of our industry. That being said, gorgeous custom doors are not simply for residential properties and can provide much needed curb appeal for your building. For more information about the G&G Garage Door Company commercial door division please contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your business.