Since the weather is pretty nice in Redondo Beach this time of year what better opportunity to get the house in order? If that sounds like the last thing you want to do to ring in the new year, you are not alone. Most of us seem to let our garages become a catch-all for our entire lives. This can be observed when driving through pretty much any neighborhood and paying attention to what the inside of open garages looks like. Now we should note that G&G Garage Door Services in no way condones creeping on a stranger’s private residences, that is just weird. But, you may notice that many garages are stuffed to the brim with storage, many times with just enough room for one car. If you walk into your garage, and shake your head sometimes, this year the perfect resolution can be to get it organized.

Getting Rid Of The Clutter

The worst thing you can do is fill your life up with clutter, yet most of us do it almost compulsively. The research states that too much clutter can actually cause health problems and added stress. If it were as easy as throwing it away, everyone would do it, right? Don’t feel bad if it is difficult to get rid of the clutter, because it is truly not easy.

Start Small

When you decide to start reducing clutter, whether that be through a New Year’s resolution or a desire to make a change, it can be difficult. First you have to define what clutter is to you. It is important to remember that clutter is not defined by the culture at hand, although the media does establish confusing standards that can dive anxiety about clutter. Reality shows about people with hoarding problems can make us view clutter in a somewhat skewed. Clutter for you, might not be the same as your neighbor. This is why it is important to start small. Starting small can mean getting rid of one box of things that you haven’t used in over a decade. If that feels good, try another box of stuff. Who knows,  you may get on a roll and clean out the entire garage! If not, don’t put unneeded pressure on yourself, everyone needs a bit of clutter in their lives.

Storage Solutions

If you do not feel the need to get rid of stuff, there is always the option to simply rearrange more effectively. There are people out there that are absolute wizards at organizing and a main problem with clutter is the unorganization. When clutter is organized it just becomes stuff. If you have the means, one of the most effective ways to organize your garage is to build a storage system like shelves or bins. The simple act of getting the boxes off of the floor will make a huge difference in the way your garage looks and feels. Building shelves is pretty simple and all you need are some basic hand tools. Many big box home improvement stores sell amazing home organizational systems for the garage, making organization a snap.                      


The opportunity to donate items that you no longer need, why not spread the love to those who need it. Many nonprofits will take just about anything — you know, like that old Chevy minivan that your Dad swore would be a collector’s item some day. They will take clothes, Christmas decorations, dishes, and much more. Donation is a great way to get rid of clutter as you can write it off on your taxes, it is a win for everyone.   

First Impressions

If you have tried to declutter and simply do not feel the need to get rid of anything, thats cool. We like to say, pick your door for the garage you want. You can have the messiest garage in the neighborhood but if your garage door looks amazing, no one will ever know. At G&G Garage Door Service, we have the garage doors that can hide excessive clutter and pretty much anything else, (rumor has it there is an underground circus in a garage in Long Beach). Regardless of the situation inside of your garage, you need a current, classy garage door to complete the look of the outside of your home. Don’t wait, contact G&G Garage Door today!