If you have been following us for a while, you know that we have talked a lot about alternative uses for your garage. These days the old conventions are generally pretty much dead, people use their homes however they want regardless of the intended purpose of the room. At G&G Garage door, no matter what you decide your garage is for, we have you covered… literally. The selection of garage doors available in our showroom is enough to make Joanna Gaines break out into a teary eyed expression of joy — we’re talking real tears here, not TV blubbering. Needless to say, we have just the garage door you are looking for, from classic to contemporary and everything in between. Need a lightweight aluminum door with tasteful windows? We have that. How about a custom wood garage door with mission accents and a natural grain finish? Yep, we have those too.

With all of this talk about the garage door, you may think that we only focus on what is on the outside, much like Mister Rogers, we look at what is on the inside as well. Like some of the best openers in the business, because what good is a gorgeous semi-custom wood garage door if you can’t open it? Some of our heavy wood doors and commercial security doors can weigh more than you would expect and it is critical to choose the right opener. Pick a garage door opener without enough power and the motor will eat itself in a few weeks. At G&G Garage Door, we know how to calculate how much opener you need without spending too much. We also are experts at repair and maintenance of your garage door, regardless of age, or manufacturer. There are lots of vintage garage doors here in Redondo Beach and with our over 30 years of experience we can fix or replace just about any garage door out there.

Alternative Garage Uses

Many of our clients have gorgeous garage doors and impeccable curb appeal but don’t even use their garages for their vehicles. Some see the garage space as simply too valuable to waste on storing a car, especially with the gorgeous Southern California weather. There are so many ways to utilize a garage that do not include the usual uses. Nothing says you have to have a cold, hard concrete floor or unfinished walls, or even the typical lighting. If you look at your garage as uncharted territory, many times you would be surprised at what you can do with it.  

Garage Gym

This being February, you have probably already quit going to the gym for your New Year’s resolution. We get it, going to the gym is miserable. You have to drive there, find parking, find a locker, and if you are lucky there will be an open machine in front of something interesting on TV. You have to navigate the grunting dudes slamming weights around and those women that call each other “beast” while jumping up on boxes. Do you really want to deal with that? Of course not, you were not going to use that 100 bucks a month anyway. The easiest way to avoid the gym is to make your own in your garage. These days there are amazing urethane floor coverings that can make your cold hard floor a rainbow hue, low impact workout dojo. “YES SENSEI!”

One of the upgrades you will want to make if you are building a gym in your garage is adding mirrors. No respectable gym has fewer than 40 mirrors at varying angles, that way you can see just how much damage those mini donuts did in your 20s. The advantage to creating your own gym is the fact that you don’t have to impress anyone, meaning you don’t have to put mirrors up at all if you don’t want to.

A good gym will have cardio machines as well as weights of various shapes and sizes. The more you pay for exercise equipment the more weight you lose, right? Wrong. You do not have to spend a fortune to outfit your home gym. In fact, you can get professional quality equipment for a fraction of the cost.

With so many gyms popping up, there are bound to be those that fail and all that equipment has to go somewhere. Used gym equipment resellers have become an incredible way to keep the cost down on your home gym and get some great equipment at the same time. Now that your have your rainbow floors and your elliptical machine, you are ready to rock and roll. Kick up the stereo, blend up a protein shake, and hit the gym from the comfort of your own home.

Garage Dance Club

This one can go right along with your home gym. At night you can dance the night away in your own dance club, I mean, why not right? Listen, we know you DJ on the side, or at least you have that one app that lets you mix and scratch, allowing you to upload your masterpiece to Soundcloud. A home dance club will pay for itself, especially if you charge your friends for drinks, you never have to try and figure out where to go on your night out again. We even have a line of garage doors that will block the sound so your neighbors don’t feel like they need to call the Long Beach Police in the middle of karaoke night.


If you have kids, you probably are longing for your phone or iPad back, because no matter what kind of a parent you claim to be, the easiest way to keep them from eating the walls is to stick them in front of a media device. With a custom playroom, they would probably spend much more time entertaining themselves. The beauty of designing your own playroom space is that you can integrate elements that your children will be drawn to. For instance, you could have a dinosaur, princess, monster trucks, or fairy theme depending on what your kids are into. With very little work you can craft a playroom for your kids that will serve two functions, get them out of your hair and provide them with entertainment. Oh, who are we kidding, in a month they will be back begging for your phone again.

Make Your Garage Your Own

No matter where you want to go with your garage, the only barrier is your imagination. We have seen some of the best ideas come to life in garages. When you have a good quality door, there is no end to what you can do with this extremely versatile space. Contact us today and we can start your garage project off right.