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Does it feel like your garage is just space for your family to pile their extra stuff? You aren’t alone. Most families use at least part of their garage as a storage space. Step into the average garage and you’ll find an assortment of tools, bikes, outdoor toys, seasonal decoration, and so much more. So what do you do with it all? Is there a way to keep things tidy without sacrificing your storage space? Our garage door installation team has been in hundreds of garages around the Hermosa Beach area. During our service calls, we’ve seen everything from garages that are practically trash heaps to ones that are closer to a showroom. We’ve also seen lots of great ideas about how to keep your garage tidy while still getting all of the storage that you need. Here are some of our favorite ideas that we’ve seen hiding behind garage doors in Hermosa Beach.

Could These Tidying Tips Work for Your Garage?

Make use of pegboards.

Pegboards are a great way to add a lot of storage to your garage where you can quickly spot what you need. Pegboards allow you to hang up household tools, gardening tools, and those miscellaneous household pieces you need but have nowhere to put. Thanks to the versatility of the pegboard, you’ll have an infinite number of ways to arrange everything so it suits you. Plus, the pegboard makes it easy to hang things back up, so you are more likely to actually make use of this organizational system. After all, the easier it is, the more likely you are to use it.

Stock up on plastic storage totes.

Those heavy duty plastic storage totes that you see for sale in the big box stores are ideal for garage storage. They are much better than cardboard boxes and much tidier than plastic bags. Totes are more resistant to the elements and are good at keeping pests from invading your stuff. Plus, they can be easily and clearly labeled with information about what’s inside so you can find it when you need it. If you have attic space in the garage, they can be slid into the rafters. Otherwise, they are easy to stack up along your garage wall without taking up too much space.

Maximize overhead storage space.

A lot of people fail to maximize the potential of the overhead storage space in their garage. First, you can run your pegboard all the up to the ceiling; simply place seldom-used tools and pieces up higher where they are less accessible but still viewable. Your garage attic is another great potential storage space and perfect for things like seasonal decorations that you only need to access once a year. Another great overhead storage idea is to hang up your bikes from the roof of your garage. Simply anchor heavy-duty hooks and use them to hang your bike from the tires. You’ll be able to lift them up and down without them taking up precious square footage on the floor.

Finish your floor.

You might not think that finishing your floor is going to do much to keep the space tidy, but you might be surprised. Finishing your garage floor not only makes space look nicer but it makes it easier to clean, too. Finished cement or an epoxy coating on the floor will make the floor more resistant to spills and stains. You can even dust mop and wet mop the floor and get it even cleaner. You’ll be more likely to keep your space tidy when you’ve made the effort of having the floor finished, too.

Let the sun shine in.

A dark garage is more likely to be a messy garage. It’s hard to see and easy to ignore. Add a garage door that has lots of big windows and it will make your garage a more pleasant place to be and that makes you more likely to keep it looking its best. If you don’t already have windows in your garage, consider upgrading your door and choosing a design with windows next time. A lot of garage doors have windows that allow light inside without giving your nosey neighbors a view inside.

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