Many people in the Torrance area rely on their garage doors to work no matter what. When people are stuck without garage doors who regularly rely on them, fear is in the forefront of their mind. Fear of a bad storm damaging their car, fear of burglary and many more fears are known to overtake us. If this sounds like you, then you need to know when to call for garage door services. We’ve been giving you a list of the most common garage door problems many residents in Torrance deal with. We’ve mentioned sticky garage doors and garage doors that shimmy. Here’s another problem that you shouldn’t ignore:

Loud noises coming from your garage door track or motor when opening and closing?

Squealing, screeching, and grinding are all noises that should never be coming from your garage door. Although it sounds awful, it really is just a notification that your garage door track may need lubrication. These sounds that aren’t very pleasant to your ears are trying to signify you that there may be dirt and debris taking up the lubrication. To solve this issue, open your garage door and clean the entire track, especially the areas where the door starts to squeal. Clean the track with a wet rag. Follow the cleaning with a standard oil, such as WD-40, or an oil that is specifically made for garage door tracks. Use this lubricant on the hardware of your garage door and tracks. After applying the oil, open and close your garage door a few times to make sure that the problem is completely solved!

If you’re still having issues with squealing, screeching and grinding, give Torrance’s garage door service specialists a call. Stay tuned for more garage door problems you may be running into.