projectorIn our last blog post, we covered a couple of our favorite concepts that we’ve seen incorporated into garage door conversions. The great thing about this project is that the possibilities are endless. If you liked the ideas that we went over, but you’re still not sure that’s the best way for you to make use of your space, then you should check out the ideas that we’re going to cover today. Both a movie room and a home gym can enhance the way your family interacts within your home at G & G Garage Door we are proud to have helped so many realize their dream garages with a superior quality door. These two ideas are also fantastic ways to make use of your space and create an area where family and friends can enjoy.

A Movie Room

If you and your family are movie fans, then a huge space to watch movies is in right up your alley. While living rooms do leave space to be comfortable in, there’s nothing quite like having your own little movie theater in your home. This project is another one where you could change the floors of your garage or leave them be and put rugs on the cement to keep it comfortable. Add a few couches and recliners, a projector and some fun movie memorabilia and you’re in your very own theater. With this project the garage door that you choose will have to be a little more practical seeing as how you’re going to want it to retain some sound. Stick with thicker garage doors if this is the project that you’re going to consider. Also, think in advance of your layout with the garage doors in consideration.

gymAt Home Gym

The traffic in Torrance is terrible, which makes leaving for the gym incredibly difficult and less than desirable. If you are finding yourself slacking on your workout entirely because you loathe having to drive in the California traffic, then an at home gym might be the transformation that you’ve needed all along. This one can be quick and easy and have the exact same floors that you’ve had all along. Whether you choose to add mirrors or paint is up to your personal preference, but the design could be as easy as adding all of the equipment that you need and laying it out to your preference. Add a boombox to play some hits while you workout and you’re all set. For this project, the garage door that you use should be thicker and not have windows, unless you are all down for showing off your equipment and making your workout a little more public. For the most part, we suggest doors without windows that are sturdy and can keep the room closed off and private unless otherwise warranted.

If there is a specific project that you’re looking to implement, we are the garage door company to come for with questions regarding the door that you use. We have played a part in many different projects right here is Torrance and can provide you with our insight and expertise so that your project winds up the way that you’ve anticipated for it. Schedule an appointment and we can provide you with examples of what these doors would look like and what their construction is going to be. If you are ready to get started we will provide you with the best garage door service, installation and maintenance in the area. We are willing to go the extra mile to provide you with everything you’ve been looking for, so call today!