Garage doors have a way of being finicky at the worst times. Luckily, the expert garage door service pros in Torrance have some easy-to-follow tips for troubleshooting your garage door problems. If you’ve been following all of our informative blog posts, then you already know that you should be checking your transmitter’s frequency if your garage door randomly opens or closes. But what if your garage door closes part way, then opens again?

In this day and age, garage doors are designed with a safety feature, a reversing mechanism. This is to keep you, your family and your pets safe from being crushed if you or they are under the garage door when it starts to close. However, sometimes this feature can be a little bit annoying. If you’ve had trouble getting your garage door to close, you may have an object in the garage door’s closing path. Whether it be a trash can, debris on the tracks or your kiddo’s toys, any type of build-up in the path of a garage door will stop and reverse it in its tracks, literally. If you don’t notice that there are any items in the way of your garage door, look closer. Even rocks, chunks of mud and even gum can put your garage door’s reversing mechanism to the test.

If you have cleared the path for your garage door to close without a problem, and it is still giving you issues, be sure you call Torrance’s most trusted garage service pros at G&G Garage Doors.