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Expert installation and repair from G&G Garage DoorBeing a homeowner has it’s inevitable ups and downs with the joy that comes from owning a home, as well as the problems that inevitably come along with it. Many things need routine maintenance or repair, but some may be pushed back as it isn’t urgent, or can be completed yourself – that is, when you actually have time for it. However, many intricate features of your home, such as your garage door, is best left to the professionals when it comes to servicing and maintenance. At G&G Garage Doors, you can rest assured knowing that whatever problem your garage door has, we can service it. Don’t keep pushing back garage door issues, just contact the professionals. Let’s explore some garage door issues that are best left for the professionals to deal with.

Torsion Springs Are Broken

Torsion springs play an integral part in the functioning of your garage door. This type of spring is installed in most new garage doors, and works to open and close your garage door in a controlled manner. When your torsion spring is broken, it is usually due to the simple wear and tear of your garage door. But when this spring is broken, it is best to not continue opening and closing the garage door as usual. This could seriously damage your garage door. It is best to call a garage door professional at G&G instead so we can effectively and efficiently fix your torsion spring and get your door running again.


Cables Have Snapped


Often when a torsion spring is broken on your garage door, it will result in the snapping of your garage door cable. This can cause some damage to anything that may be in its path during the snapping process. Instead of attempting to fix this yourself, you’d better call a professional as we can help repair the damage that may have been caused to your garage door, as well replace the cable and get your garage door working back to normal again.

Problems With the Photo Eye

With garage doors installed in the past 15-20 years, most have a photo eye that detects if something is blocking the door from lowering, whether it be an object or person. If this is not working properly, there could be some serious issues that need to be checked out with this garage door feature. Instead of acting like a kid and racing to go underneath the garage door before it closes, get your photo eye checked out to ensure that it is running properly so that property damage is not done and your garage is not experiencing unnecessary wear and tear. It could be out of alignment, blocked by dust and debris, or could be facing some technical malfunctions.
Being a homeowner has it fair share of maintenance and repairs, but it’s important to remember that many of the repairs necessary for garage doors are best left for professionals. Contact G&G Garage Doors today if you are experiencing problems with your garage door, as we are your trusted source for quality and experienced garage door service and maintenance.