toolsHome improvement projects go beyond your kitchen and your living room. The parts of the home are more often than not rooms that are not main components of the home. One of the areas that we personally get to be a part of is the garage! A space where very few people anticipate any updates to be made, but one that holds so much possibility. If you are someone who wants to take advantage of all the living space there is, then this room can definitely scream of opportunities.

The team at G&G Garage Doors has worked with quite a few projects that worked on converting garages into an entirely new space. Here are a few of our favorites!

A Workshop

One of the classic conversions that we see garages turned into are workshops, and we can’t blame anyone for this decision! Garages make a great space to get some handy work done. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, one you add a quality bench, the tools that you need and a stereo to help pass the time, you have a space that will make spending time in the garage as easy as can be. The best part is, it doesn’t matter what your trade is! Whether you’re someone that likes working on cars or you have a knack for carpentry, this space can become everything that you need. Add a nice garage door from sturdy materials, and you’ll see just how handy you can become in a space like this.

poolGame Room

If you’re looking for something that more people can enjoy in the family, a game room is a great option. You can choose to paint the floor, add a nice laminate or wood flooring on top of the cement, or simply leave the cement that your garage already has. Add some drywall to the walls and insulation if it isn’t already there, and you’ve got a great additional room! Once you get the walls painted and add some decor, this space can become a beautiful place for children and adults alike to spend their time playing games. If you’re feeling like going all out, add a mini bar for enjoying drinks and snacks when it’s time for a break. The best part is, just about any garage door can complete this space, and when summer comes back around it’ll be easy to open the door and enjoy the nice weather while also playing in the front yard.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to what you can do with the space you have. If you have been looking for a space to spend time doing the thing that you enjoy most, this could be the place. Once you’ve got an idea set and in motion, you can count on G&G Garage Door in Beverly Hills to provide you with a door that completes the look and leaves easy access. Check out our selection of garage doors online and let us place an order for you today.