Windows for your garage doors from G&G Garage DoorSpring has arrived and the heat of summer is not far behind. Storing your car inside the protection of a garage is a perk many homeowners enjoy, but if your garage has been giving you issues, it’s time to take a look at what could be the cause. Garage door troubleshooting can be time consuming, which is why the garage repair experts here at G&G Garage Doors in Torrance are available when you need us most. If you aren’t sure what’s wrong with your garage, our past blogs may help.

Recently, we wrote blogs covering the following topics:

Have your garage door problems been resolved?

We’re not quite finished with our blog series. If you’ve stuck with us for this long and continue to have issues with your garage door, we still have a few more blogs in the works that will hopefully resolve all of your garage door problems. Here is a list of the upcoming blogs you can expect to see in the near future that will hopefully answer and resolve any questions and problems you’ve been experiencing this spring at your Torrance home.

Upcoming blog topics:

  • My Garage Door Has Its Own Mind (garage door closes all of the way, then reverses back to open)
  • There’s Sound But Not Movement (garage door motor is running, but the door does not budge)
  • Open Sesame – Psych! (garage door motor runs for a few seconds, then stops; garage door does not open or close)
  • Closing Time (garage door closes fast and causes a loud banging sound, like the garage door dropped)

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