You drive up to your garage and in a winter rain you hit the button. Nothing. Hit the button again and still nothing. If you have had this happen to you and know how frustrating it can be. At G&G Garage Door Company, we have the experience and parts to fix your garage door up right away. It may even be time for a new garage door, but chances are their is just a problem with the opener. Let us help you when you are locked out of your garage.

The “Other” Front Door

If you are like many of us, you use your garage as much, if not more, than your front door. This means your opener takes a beating and as with all mechanical things, eventually it will break. Of course your garage door opener will break at the worst possible time because that seems to be the way it works. Stuck in the rain, you forgot your house keys — these are times when your garage door will cease working. Many times it is simply a battery issue with your remote. To test this, try a second remote and see if it works. Many openers will have a battery in the number pad mounted near the door and this will effect the operation as well. Checking the batteries is the easiest way to get your garage door back up and running. Batteries can die without warning and the result can be a door that will not open. Fortunately, this does not happen very often, but when it does, it can be an easy fix. So, the first thing you need to check when your garage door refuses to go up are the batteries in your opener remote and the touchpad on the outside of the door.                 

The Opener

Many times, when the batteries are fine in the remote, the problem is in the opener. An opener has many moving parts but it is essentially a motor and a chain attached to the door. Similar to a bicycle, a system of sprockets and chains move the opener into the up and down position. If the motor is not working, despite new batteries in the remote, it is a good idea to check the reset switch on the side of the motor housing. Opening the motor is not advised for the average homeowner as there are dangerous connections and mechanical components. The reset button may be triggered by an obstruction or other broken components, so care must be taken when trying the button. Make sure that there is nothing blocking the door or stuck in the rails. If the door will not rise and keeps setting the reset, the issue could be in the spring.

The Spring

The spring is the key to the garage door opener and if it is compromised, the door will not open. We must stress if there’s anything wrong with the spring, do not attempt to fix it yourself. A garage door spring can be dangerous especially when broken. Depending on the spring configuration, if there is a break, it will be obvious.

New Opener Options

If your opener has issues, the spring is broken, or the opener remotes are not functioning properly, G&G Garage Door has options available to make your life easier. We proudly offer LiftMaster and Genie opener systems, all with exceptional installation by our team of technicians. Not all openers are created equal and depending on the door, the opener needs to be a specific type to work properly. We will walk you through the options and make sure that you choose the right opener for your home. We are not going to try and sell you the most expensive opener on the market. You can choose your opener based on options and needs for your specific situation.

G&G Garage Door is Here For You

Next time you hit that little button on your garage door remote and nothing happens. Do not panic, but remember that G&G Garage door is available to help you get back on track. Whether you need parts, service, or a whole new garage door we can help. Contact us today to get your garage door repaired today!