With all that is going on in Southern California this year, it will sure be nice to have a calm quiet holiday season. The best time of year. Picture a cool night by the fire, Die Hard on the TV (yes it is a Christmas movie), kids shooting each other with Nerf darts, and your dog begging for yet another walk around the block. Ahh yeah, that is living. Everything seems right with the world and then your husband comes home with his brand new bicycle on the top of the car — and promptly forgets that it is still attached to the bike rack. Now your calm has been destroyed once again and your husband has a five thousand dollar pile of carbon fiber chunks. Not to mention the Marco Pantani sized hole in your garage door. So what do you do to regain your sense of peace and harmony? Simple, contact G&G Garage doors, Southern California’s finest garage door replacement, repair, and parts leader. No matter what is wrong with your door, we have either the skills or the parts to get you back in the game.

Do It Yourself

Ordinarily, we would not recommend tackling a garage door repair by yourself, but we know that there are those of you out there that are competent enough to handle the task. While we would prefer that you call in the professionals at G&G Garage Door for the repairs, we know that is just not always the easiest solution for the homeowner. Before we get into the parts available to the do-it-yourselfer, we want to go over a little safety. The way garage doors work is through a simple load system. Think of it like a pulley with a string on either side. If you put weight on both ends of the rope it will balance. Adding pressure to one of the weights will bring the weight up on the other side. When you apply the principle to a garage door, you can think of the door like one of the weights, suspended under pressure. The pressure is produced by the spring, which allows the door to raise and lower efficiently. When the door is in the full up position, the spring has very little tension and is held up by the opener and the shape of the track. In the full down position, the spring is under a large amount of tension. This tension on the spring allows the door to raise and lower with relatively little exertion.

Spring Safety

The spring can be the most dangerous part of the garage door as it is continually under tension. As we said, it has much less tension in the up position, but that small amount still has enough energy to cause harm. In order to install a garage door spring, it must be aligned correctly on the cables and it must be pretensioned. Meaning that the installer must manually adjust and apply pressure to the spring. This portion of maintenance can be extremely dangerous, as the spring can be extremely unpredictable during tensioning. This is why we recommend a professional complete the installation. If you do decide to handle the spring installation yourself, please heed all safety warnings and wear the appropriate safety gear.     


When installing or repairing your own garage door, we have all of the parts you will need to complete the job no matter how extensive. We have openers, whole doors, cables, pulleys, hardware, and much more. Simply stop on in to our South Bay location and we can set you up with the parts you need.


If you are trying to decide if you were going to fix your garage door yourself or let G&G Garage Door do it, we suggest letting us handle it. Our installation and repair technicians have years of practical experience and we just want to make sure that you don’t get hurt. Besides, how nice is it to sit back relax and let someone else do the work?

Join us next time for more about our repair and installation services, as we begin the busy holiday season. If you need garage parts, repair, or installation, please give us a call today!