Your garage is a special place in your home. There are not many rooms in your home that you can park a car in, at least on purpose. The garage is often a place where people store their Christmas decorations, work on projects, and some garages even double as a gym. The garage is truly the most versatile room in your home. In fact, how often do you find yourself using the garage door way more often than the regular front door? Many of us don’t even give it a thought, we just drive up and hit the button. What you really notice is when the garage does not perform like it should. That is when you need to contact G&G Garage Door Company. You may have thought that we only did garage door replacement but we also offer the best garage door repair in the area and what is better than using a local company? We have been offering superior garage door repair for over thirty years in Long Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach.

No Matter How Bad The Damage, We Can Fix It

When you have been in the business for as long as we have, you tend to see pretty much everything that a homeowner can do to a garage door, and most of them are not pretty. From cars through the panels, smashed rails, and even exploded springs, we have truly seen it all and not much surprises us anymore. Regardless of how bad your door or hardware are damaged, we can fix it. Now, there are a bunch of different companies out there that claim to be garage door installation and repair experts. While they may show up and make a few repairs, there is no guarantee that they will be around next time you need service. We stand by our repairs, even years down the road.

More Than the Door

Many times, the garage door itself is not the cause of an issue but the running hardware. There are so much more moving parts that control the garage door and many times the door is just fine, even though it may need a fresh coat of paint. If your door makes an awful racket when going up or down, chances are the rollers or rails are in bad shape. The rollers work in conjunction with the rails just like a train needs its track to get around. The rollers are constructed of steel wheels with bearings in the middle. They ride in the track groove and everything should be smooth and steady. If you are experiencing grinding, popping, or worse, the bearings could be worn out in the rollers. The track will also wear over time, particularly if it has not been lubricated regularly.  

Let G&G Garage Door Repair It!

If your door looks just fine from the outside but you are experiencing problems with the operation, it is time to contact G&G Garage Door for comprehensive garage door service. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your business.