We all know that the garages can hide some freaky stuff. Garages are the ultimate hiding places for whatever residents wanted to keep from their neighbors. These could be: dead bodies, hidden nightclubs, illegal gambling operations, and much more illicit activities. Fortunately, most of us are upstanding citizens and would never engage in such scandalous behavior. We tend to keep the usual old junk in our garages, like Christmas lights, flammable liquids, and maybe a tool box or two. Most homeowners keep pretty mundane stuff in their garage, but every so often there is a truly amazing find in one of these garages. Cars, guitars, priceless antiques, and even pirate treasure are discovered in garages across California every year. What makes this such a fun activity to follow is that you never know what will turn up next in a garage somewhere out there. This got us thinking, what keeps those treasures from seeing the light of day? The garage door of course!

Superior Garage Doors

At G&G Garage Door we have some of the finest doors available in Southern California. Your home is not complete without a superior garage door. Sure you can talk to one of those big box stores and hope they know how to install a door on your home. At G&G Garage Doors, we have been serving the garage door needs of the South Bay area for over 30 years. We don’t simply carry the same old garage doors, but have a wide selection of custom doors that will truly make your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. In those 30 years, we have been in a lot of garages, and we have seen our fair share of strange stuff. But that, my friends is part of the fun.

Barn Finds

The notion of a barn find, whether in an actual barn or not, can trigger shortness of breath in the most ardent car collector/enthusiast. A barn find is essentially an old car that has been locked away for an extended period of time and revealed to the world. These vehicles create a stir in the automotive community and eventually are restored or left to rot in some garage. Many of these cars that are extremely valuable can not even be driven. Take, for example, the Steve McQueen/James Dean paradox. It seems that every year, a car that was reportedly owned by one of these screen legends is discovered somewhere. It is never really a sure thing as to whether this car is the real thing, but eventually it is determined one way or another. The interesting thing about these barn finds is, they are newsworthy if either Steve McQueen or James Dean can be attached to the vehicle. These two actors’ names have great power in the automotive world and people go nuts when they hear a car could be connected to either of them.

The Holy Grail

The most utilized phrase when talking about finding something of value in a garage is, “holy grail of ___”. The “holy grail” is in reference to the cup that Jesus used at the last supper and has led thousands of treasure hunters to seek its whereabouts and finding the holy grail would be the ultimate archeological discovery. Every piece of junk that is dug out of a garage is not necessarily valuable, and just because something is old doesn’t make it valuable. If you hit Craigslist you will find a hundred different sellers, all trying to sell junk for way too much money. The Picker’s guys have made every one of their regular viewers believe that they are bonafide junk pricing experts —always searching for that holy grail.

Superior Service

While we are not concerned with searching for the next barn find or holy grail, we are concerned with providing our customers with the finest garage door experience in Southern California. We take it seriously when a homeowner would potentially like to add a new garage door to their home. We believe that, like a “barn find” or “holy grail” discovery, the experience should be unique and fulfilling. If you are ready to upgrade your garage door, hide treasures from the world, or just make your garage more energy efficient, there is only one name to remember, G&G Garage Doors.