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If you own a business you probably understand that security is of the utmost importance. You probably also understand that in order to stay relevant that you must refer to any new product or system as a “solution”. A security system is called an “anti-theft solution”, a new copier can be referred to as a “duplication solution” and a new phone can be called a “customer communication solution” Our commercial doors offer only one solution, they keep the people out that you don’t want in your business, hardly a solution, more like common sense.

Roll Up Commercial Doors      

Roll up commercial garage doors from G&G Garage DoorRoll up commercial doors are standard equipment in the industrial/commercial sector. Every type of business from mechanic shops to restaurants has a need for a roll up commercial door. At G&G we offer superior installation and service for your commercial doors. We can also choose the best door for your operation, because let’s be honest, you don’t have time to mess with choosing a door. If you have had issues with vandalism or break-ins at your retail location, a commercial roll up door could be the deterrent that you are looking for. In fact, a super strong door could protect your store from the scourge that is named Black Friday. Believe us, Black Friday lives up to its name and property damage can occur. Those shoppers can smell a bargain from miles away. Much like a shark can smell a drop of blood in the ocean from a mile away, a forty year old housewife can hear the price drop on a tablet from Irvine. Protect your store with roll up commercial doors from G&G Garage Door.  

Fire Doors

Heavy Commercial Doors from G&G Garage DoorsIn many areas a fire door is absolutely necessary. Not only do they protect fire from spreading to other parts of the building but they can be integral in saving lives. At G&G Garage door we specialize in fire doors that are both automated and manual in operation. These fire doors can be hooked up to alarms that trigger the doors to close or fusible links that close the door in event of a fire. We offer many different designs of fire doors from large, garage sized doors for shop entrances to small conveyor opening fire doors that will contain a fire on either side. Contact G&G Garage Door for more information about our fire doors.

The Common Sense Solutions

Regardless of what kind of door you need for your commercial building G&G Garage door can accommodate whatever you need. From fire doors to large commercial roll up doors we have the experience and the connections to make it happen for you. We offer a superior installation team that will not disrupt your business and will have your new door installed as soon as possible. Please contact us for more information about our common sense commercial door “solutions” We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your business.