1. Movie Garage

    The garage is a haven for all sorts of activity, both illegal and legal. While we would not like to focus on the illegal aspects of what goes on in the garage, there are undoubtedly a few illicit activities going on in garages around Torrance right now. The garage has long been a source of inspiration for those that seek out the darker sides of life, like Steve Jobs for example. In all seriousness…Read More

  2. Alternative Garage Uses

    If you have been following us for a while, you know that we have talked a lot about alternative uses for your garage. These days the old conventions are generally pretty much dead, people use their homes however they want regardless of the intended purpose of the room. At G&G Garage door, no matter what you decide your garage is for, we have you covered... literally. The selection of garage do…Read More

  3. Its Garage Door Inspection Time!

    It is nearly a month until spring and the weather is just starting to warm up. This time of year is also when the throngs of Girl Scouts seem to ooze out of the woodwork, hawking their evil cookies, on a mission to enhance that winter spare tire you may be carrying around your waist. To be fair, it is not the Girl Scouts fault, after all they are just selling those delicious boxes or baked joy to …Read More

  4. Barn Finds and Holy Grail’s

    We all know that the garages can hide some freaky stuff. Garages are the ultimate hiding places for whatever residents wanted to keep from their neighbors. These could be: dead bodies, hidden nightclubs, illegal gambling operations, and much more illicit activities. Fortunately, most of us are upstanding citizens and would never engage in such scandalous behavior. We tend to keep the usual old jun…Read More

  5. Garage Legends

    Who hasn't heard a great story about businesses or bands that started in a garage? It is the ultimate American success story to say you started out in a garage, working up to a household name. Names like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and even Harley Davidson started in the dank confines of the family garage. The garage is truly a magical place full of lore and history, one of the 20th century’s grea…Read More

  6. The Cars Your Garage Deserves

    When we spot a truly awesome garage door from the street, some of us tend to take notice. Of course being in the garage door business here in Long Beach, we tend to look a little harder at the door itself. We consider the materials, the craftsmanship, and even the hardware used on that garage door. We think that what makes a home great is the garage door. In fact, at G&G Garage Door we carry a…Read More

  7. Declutter or Not Declutter

    Since the weather is pretty nice in Redondo Beach this time of year what better opportunity to get the house in order? If that sounds like the last thing you want to do to ring in the new year, you are not alone. Most of us seem to let our garages become a catch-all for our entire lives. This can be observed when driving through pretty much any neighborhood and paying attention to what the inside …Read More

  8. Garage Door Hardware

    Your garage is a special place in your home. There are not many rooms in your home that you can park a car in, at least on purpose. The garage is often a place where people store their Christmas decorations, work on projects, and some garages even double as a gym. The garage is truly the most versatile room in your home. In fact, how often do you find yourself using the garage door way more often …Read More

  9. Your Opener Won’t Work? Call G&G Garage Door

    You drive up to your garage and in a winter rain you hit the button. Nothing. Hit the button again and still nothing. If you have had this happen to you and know how frustrating it can be. At G&G Garage Door Company, we have the experience and parts to fix your garage door up right away. It may even be time for a new garage door, but chances are their is just a problem with the opener. Let us …Read More

  10. The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

    With all that is going on in Southern California this year, it will sure be nice to have a calm quiet holiday season. The best time of year. Picture a cool night by the fire, Die Hard on the TV (yes it is a Christmas movie), kids shooting each other with Nerf darts, and your dog begging for yet another walk around the block. Ahh yeah, that is living. Everything seems right with the world and then …Read More